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"Enjolras doesn't know how into him R is when he asks R out. He's been meaning to give dating a try, and R is his type (scruffy, chubby with those artist's hands). It starts out casual (well, with R trying really hard to pretend it's casual), but Grantaire is a great boyfriend- loyal, funny, thoughtful. He comes up with the most romantic dates and his whole face lights up every time he looks at Enjolras and he's understanding if Enjolras gets busy, and every day Enjolras falls for him a bit more."



I’m just imagining R trying to play it casual on date like ‘YES HERE WE ARE AT A RESTAURANT EATING A MEAL IN THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME HAHA NO BIG DEAL *knocks over cutlery while trying to loosen his tie* SHIT.’

And maybe Enjolras finds it uncharacteristically endearing, despite everything, because Grantaire keeps messing up but he’s so well meaning and smiles so gently at him. It makes him wonder; has R always been this good humoured and harmless? He always seemed like more of an antagonistic person in his mind, but now he sees that he’s just a stubbornly pessimistic, mouthy dork.

And he laughs warmly because Grantaire is kind of… Nice to be around, isn’t he? Suddenly he understands why the group finds him so amiable. When R then makes a well observed criticism about Government policy regarding children under the poverty line between rambling about the moussaka he’s eating and how the house wine could be used to strip barnacles off of submarines, Enjolras is taken aback and just thinks ‘he really isn’t that bad at all, is he?’

And that’s how Enjolras knows he’s screwed.


And Enjolras is surprised by how much he’s been enjoying their dates, because despite R usually seeming so brash, inappropriate and sexually forward he’s been nothing if not respectful. He hasn’t broached the topic of sex at all except for some rather unfortunate puns which made him laugh more than anything. So far it’s been nothing but good conversation and warmth with Grantaire and Enjolras is having a hard time reconciling Grantaire’s carefully cultivated persona with how the man actually seems to be.

Even when he and R bump into Floréal one night as they’re walking to their respective apartments, Enjolras expects R to go back to his usual way of acting around people only to find that after teasing her about her banker sugar daddy and earning a punch in the arm in response, he speaks respectfully to her without any of his usual dramatics that he uses in the Musain.

Floréal introduces herself as a friend of R’s, asking Enjolras if he’s ‘that Angela guy’ and assures him that if Grantaire is ever being a jackass brodude with him that he should let her know so she can sort him out. ‘Don’t listen to that ladies man bullshit he spews, he makes it all up. He’s a big romantic kitten, really. Bit tactile when he’s drunk, though.’

After chatting for a while, they part. When Enjolras asks about this as they make their way to his apartment, R just rubs the back of his neck and admits that tales of his exploits have been greatly exaggerated before quickly changing the subject.

After R bids him good night with a cautious kiss to his cheek and walks off towards his own place, Enjolras realises that there’s a lot to Grantaire he doesn’t know, and decides that maybe he wants to know more as he places a hand over a cheek that’s decidedly warmer than it should be.


I’m usually that person who has no idea what’s going on

i went to take a shower and ended up sleeping wooo


Every step I take reminds me
Of just how we used to be

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"What’s the rate of exchange on the life of a bird? ‘Cause if it’s equal to or greater than mine, I need to get back to my car."
"I’m more concerned for that squirrel."


tailgating ur minivan so i can watch Finding Nemo with ur kids


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Owe you a dance.(其实更像巴基在跳舞过程中睡着了,眼影全抹在了美队肩膀上hh


Owe you a dance.(其实更像巴基在跳舞过程中睡着了,眼影全抹在了美队肩膀上hh


You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—


not living w/ my parents is going to end up screwing up my eating habits i keep forgetting to eat wow


people whose parents pay them for good grades


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